We're shaping the future of hiring and employment

SeenToHire is about creating a personalised, cultural fit job opportunity. Focusing on people and company culture to improve recruitment accuracy and reduce bad hires.

Our beta approach includes pre-screening potential candidates early on in the application process, allowing to only spend time in reviewing and interviewing the most suitable candidates.
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We help job seekers
better express themselves during the job application process using video profiling.

We help employers and recruitment agencies
improve candidate engagement beyond written CVs/resumes when seeking new hires.

seentohire why

SeenToHire endeavours to increase social and gender diversity, capturing real behaviour, increasing candidate engagement, and employer brand

SeenToHire is developing an innovative solution to assess and filter candidates in a fair and equal way, to attract and hire the right diversity of people and reduce unconscious bias.
seentohire why

The future of talent and hiring starts on SeenToHire

A simple to use platform that is tailor-made for companies of all shapes and sizes, from local businesses to enterprises across all industries and business sectors. All in the name of making job seekers, employers and recruitment agencies more successful in qualifying candidates and landing a job.

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If you can record a video or watch videos, you can use SeenToHire. Creating a video profile or job post is really that simple.
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