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SeenToHire is bringing behaviour game-based assessments to gamify your hiring process that’s powered by neuroscience. Applying a fun and fair way of measuring cognitive abilities, personality and behavioural traits.
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seentohire behaviour assessment
Building your team means assessing each candidate’s natural abilities and strengths, and assigning jobs that would best suit those natural abilities. For example, some people are creative problem solvers, some are detail oriented and others can manage several projects at once. It makes sense to hire candidates in positions that will allow them to excel.

Our psychometric assessment is unique that measures the candidate’s behavioural traits beyond a CV. Eliminating guesswork by replacing the usual questions with engaging and intuitive games to measure real behaviour.

Give your candidates a fair and consistent chance to impress by measuring their natural behaviour. This makes better hiring decisions and only progress the right candidates using behavioural insights, verses ‘gut’ instinct.

Hiring managers often use ‘gut instinct’ to make hiring decisions which can be driven by unconscious bias (gender, accent, attractiveness). Research shows companies perform better when they have greater ethnic and gender diversity. Biased hiring decisions result in less diverse teams, and less diversity hinders business productivity.

Go beyond the ordinary measures
and uncover the talent you need most.

seentohire behaviour assessment

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