Understanding Gen Z Traits to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

understanding gen z traits recruit retain talent

Generation Z is the new workforce taking the spotlight. The members of this generation were born between 1997 and 2012.

Forward-thinking employers are rushing to hire workers in this cohort. Learning Gen Z traits now will help as this generation takes over the workforce.

Understanding Gen Z traits assist with the recruiting process. This generation requires a different recruiting approach compared to prior generations.

Let’s explore some of the Generation Z traits to keep in mind when recruiting talent

Gen Z Traits Revolve Around Work-Life Balance

The traits of Gen Z heavily lean towards a work-life balance. They do not want to feel trapped at a job.

A fancy lounge won’t work for this cohort. Gen Z wants to work from anywhere.

Not all companies can provide that perk, but some can offer a hybrid approach. Companies can offer 2-3 days per week of work at home. Other companies switched to virtual for this cohort and different generations.

If you can’t offer remote work, give your employees enough time to pursue hobbies. Give them greater flexibility in the hours they work. Some workers prefer unconventional hours.

Gen Z depicts work-life balance as a critical piece to robust mental health. Gen Z cares about mental health more than prior generations.

This generation does not know a world without social media. Recent studies have revealed social media’s ability to hurt mental health. Gen Z uses social media often, which can trigger their desire for mental health.

Present your company as an understanding entity. Gen Z will work hard, but if they feel stressed, don’t push them. Be sure to give them the space to recover so they can continue performing for your company.

Gen Z workers who feel overwhelmed may quit. Like any other generation, this cohort wants to make money. However, they’ll take lower pay for a better work-life balance.

Social Awareness Caters to Gen Z Characteristics

How does your company cultivate corporate and social responsibility? Social awareness plays a significant role in Gen Z’s characteristics.

Few Gen Z workers will tolerate socially irresponsible companies. Demonstrating your company’s social responsibility will help in the recruiting process.

Gen Z workers care about causes, inequalities, and making a difference. They don’t want to ignore what’s happening in the world. Some will walk away from foul play even if they make a good salary.

Some will invest money into worthy causes. They want to help in every way they can, no matter how small.

You can win over Gen Z recruits by matching every donation. If a Gen Z worker donates $5 towards a cause, your company should match them with an extra $5.

This reward structure will incentivise workers’ friends to donate to the cause. A $10 donation suddenly turns into a $20 donation.

Gen Z Likes to Use Tech

Gen Z has known tech since day one. 95% of them own smartphones. Their love for tech makes them great workers.

Gen Z workers can quickly navigate through various software and online tools. They also like to learn new skills and become more proficient in technology.

Provide Gen Z workers with a mix of fundamental and exciting tech opportunities. Workplaces lacking a tech-friendly atmosphere will drive Gen Z talent away.

Gen Z Wants to Feel Like Part of a Community

Gen Z finds itself attached to tech and devices. However, this group of workers also strongly cares about belonging in a community. They crave human connection.

Gen Z workers want to feel appreciated. They want to feel welcomed in their work environment.

Incorporating community activities will let workers socialise with each other. These events can make workers feel more connected to your company.

Creating small teams within your company also helps build a sense of friendship. Gen Z workers can brainstorm with other workers and address tasks together.

Remote workers also want connectivity. Create a Slack group or Discord where workers can interact with each other. These groups create a sense of community in virtual workplaces.

Challenge This Ambitious Cohort

Among the many traits of Generation Z, recruiters will find ambition. Research revealed this generation often describes themselves as adventurous, ambitious, and money-driven.

Cater to their ambitions by presenting the career as a challenge. The challenge should invite Gen Z workers to develop their skills.

Do not mix this challenge with overwhelming a Gen Z worker. They want to grow, but they don’t want to suffer mental health problems.

Speed Up the Hiring Process

Gen Z can type a question into Google and instantly receive helpful information. Companies prioritise website speed because every extra second costs them money.

Gen Z wants information and outcomes sooner. They don’t want to endure a lengthy recruiting process.

If you want to recruit Gen Z talent, don’t make them jump through too many hoops. Cut your recruitment timeline to a few days instead of a few weeks.

Gen Z workers can select from many employers. If they cannot find an employer, they can always work for themselves. Gen Z workers have many choices and don’t want to wait too long.

Speeding up the hiring process will appease these Gen Z traits.

Recruiting Top Gen Z Talent

Understanding Gen Z traits will make it easier to recruit top talent. Gen Z workers will soon overtake millennials. Your business must prepare to recruit this generation’s workers.

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