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Hi there!

To explain why we created SeenToHire, we have to understand the problem with recruitment today.
If you’re a job seeker looking for your next role. You’ll probably write a CV/resume, contact recruitment agencies, directly contact employers, apply for jobs on job boards and career sites, or try creative methods such as a designer CV/resume, and more.

That’s how it works.

You’re trying different ways to set yourself apart and land a job with the right company and cultural fit.
If you’re an employer looking for new people to join your team. You’ll probably post a job on job boards and career sites, contact a recruitment agency to help you attract and shortlist candidates, headhunt on LinkedIn, recommendation from colleague/friend, or try a CV/resume database search, and more.

That’s how it works.

You’re trying to attract the best candidates that fit with the culture of your company.
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The talent hiring process has remained unchanged for many, many years.

Have you ever thought about the disconnect between applying for jobs and hiring new talent?
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Every year, we have seen and hear about the challenges of unemployment, talent wastage, company layoffs, unemployment uncertainty, applying to thousands of jobs and rarely get a response, career change difficulties, career growth, bias in hiring, questionable recruitment practices like removing a candidate’s name to supposedly reduce bias, automated ATS systems that may overlook good candidates or exclude them from the hiring process, algorithm-based recruitment that unfairly disadvantage candidates based on analysing human qualities, paper CVs/resumes that lack verification and transparency with exaggerations or even lie about qualifications or experience, and more.

And that’s where we are today.
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That’s where SeenToHire comes in.

As a first step, we are changing the way job seekers present themselves to potential employers, and the way employers see candidates.

The employment market has evolved dramatically and today’s competition is fierce.
What’s Simon Sinek’s viewpoint, is hiring like dating?

Hit play and listen.
(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TulFqmYqEJc)
Is personality superior to years of experience and traditional ways of recruiting?

News4JAX reports on personality traits to get hired.

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(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5419hLCl3w0)
With the rise of creative content, it’s increasingly important to put a face to a name.

But what does Neil Patel say about going in front of a camera?

Hit play and listen.
(Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/neilkpatel_contentcreator-confidence-socialmedia-activity-7020787273931579392-SUsG)
SeenToHire’s goal is to create a more authentic and meaningful recruitment process that helps to reduce the impact of unconscious bias, leading to a more diverse workforce.

SeenToHire beta transforms hiring, a new way to discover talented candidates and career opportunities.
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Traditional CVs/resumes are declining and will be completely phased out in many fields in the future, replaced by digital ledgers that provide a more trustworthy story of an applicant – think of it as a visual elevator pitch.

A paper CV/resume can nicely communicate education and experience, but nothing about personality or other qualities that is so much in demand. Blended media CVs/resumes provide valuable information that is not captured on paper.

Prospective job seekers can showcase their authenticity and true passions in unique ways beyond a traditional CV/resume, which can be harder using written (text) words alone.
Hopefully you’ve got a good sense of why we started SeenToHire.

We’re excited to help job seekers, employers and recruitment agencies everywhere.

See you soon!
SeenToHire beta connects employers and recruitment agencies with talent by providing job seekers a creative edge to be seen as a person and reveal personality behind the written CV. Empowering employers and recruitment agencies to improve productivity and leverage the platform to qualify candidates and better attract the right people.

We understand job seekers wish there was a better way to represent themselves, where hiring managers believe seeing a pre-recorded video of a job seeker would be helpful.

Our philosophy is based on obsess over customers and long-term vision.

We challenge ourselves to innovate outward facing features to find better ways to do things, that will make us more successful and benefit millions of customers around the world.

At SeenToHire we are working to build something important, something that matters.


To empower the global workforce, connecting the world’s talent and employers to be more successful and minimise the impact of unconscious bias.


To provide the leading personalised job fit and cultural fit recruitment innovation in the world.

Post Covid-19 digital future

In a changing world, advancements in technology, artificial intelligence, metaverse and automation will contribute in the future. As technology becomes more prominent, we are innovating how people recruit to make better hiring decisions and minimise bias from the hiring process.